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SERVICES We provide to women only. We have professional Lawyers to resolve cases like Domestic Violence cases & Sexual Harassment and free legal advice often referred as the work done for others. And through our website HERLAWS.COM, I want to declare that our services are voluntarily. It means we don’t charge anything for our services. Moreover, we are here just to solve the problem of women who are not able to disclose their identity. Problems are everywhere. But when the problems are too high and remain unsolved, then the situation may be worse especially in the case of women. So, through our website what exactly we are trying to do is to discuss and gather your problems. So, an effective solution can be derived without interrupting our society.

We try our level best to provide online and offline solutions as well. You can contact us through phone or E-mail. We make sure that your information will remain highly confidential. Free Legal Advice for women | domestic violence | chandiagrh CALL NOW : +91 9780146146

Some of the basic services we offer are as follows: