At we are dealing with cases like domestic violence, sexual harassment in public or offices or schools/colleges, divorce, matrimonial issues, adolescent women, acid attacks and labor rights. The idea of making HERLAWS.COM comes from our soul. Being women, All women are welcome to share her experiences and conditions. And we assure you to provide you right advice without charging anything from you. We just need you to participate and stays connect with us.

You just need to contact us through any medium. You can visit our website for detailed information. We are always there to help all the women.

We, basically perform following activities:

  • At we provide free confidential legal advice to women.
  • Cases like parenting issues, sexual harassment, sex discrimination and parenting issues are well entertained and provide necessary referral authority.
  • We provide free help line telephonically. You can call anytime that suits you better to discuss and solve your problems with our experts of team.
  • We prepare our database in such a form that we keep records for every state in India. The reason behind is the different laws of every state. But you need to bother about that. You are definitely getting the right and correct information about the laws whatever your city or state is.
  • We offer face to face interaction. If you are confident enough to discuss your personal issues. So, we can arrange an appointment with women lawyer of your particular city.