1 – Free Confidential Legal Advice

We all come from you only. Our team consists of women lawyers only so we understand that it is so difficult to share something. But trust us we respect your privacy so whatever you share with us it will remain with us only. By visiting our website, you will have our contact where you can freely discuss anything. We provide you free legal advice against your case.

  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Harassment.
  • Matrimonial Disputes and Inheritance Rights
  • Reproductive and sexual health rights of women/adolescent rights
  • Honour based crime against women
  • Equal employment opportunities for women and Labour Rights
  • Gender based Discrimination
  • Cruelty :Mental/Physical

Telephone service: You can discuss your problems with us on phone. We assure you to provide the best solution for your problem without disclosing it to anyone. Please refer our numbers to those females also who can’t reach us through emails.
E-mail Service: You can also contact us through E-mail (query@herlawslegal.com) service also. We assure you to reply as soon as we read your mail. We have a plenty of members in team. So, we will get back to your reply very soon.
Information on legal aid Panels and Referrals: In every court there is a legal aid panel who provide a free legal assistance. If you want any information related to any Legal Aid panel in your city and want to approach ,we will be there to provide you all the information and procedure.

2 – Assistance in Filling Police Complaints

Its very scary for any women to go to police station for filling any complaint. If you want us to assist you in filling complaint just feel free to contact us.

3 – Drafting

Want us to draft any complaints, rent agreement, deed, agreement, contract or any document just call us or write to us.